Contracting Services

From time to time companies and organisation need short to medium term help with the contracts in which they are engages. Martyn Davison can provide this help which falls into the following categories:

Documentation assistance

Martyn Davison can provide this help using his practical experience to implement the plans set out in the contract and pass on to others the necessary skills required by the clients staff to keep the project on-line.

Although Consultancy can provide the route to the understanding of what is required for any particular project there are times when practical assistance is necessary to:

Project start-up assistance

Within the UK there is a fairly complicated set of documentation required to support a bid to the UK MoD. Bossiness plans of different and data module requirements lists are examples of this support documentation. Some of this information may exist in embryo form and Martyn Davison can assist in the use of this data to produce the necessary documentation, or to generate it when the source does not exist in any definitive form.


During projects there may well be times when the production of the required documentation does not progress as well as it should. This may be due to, for example, difficulties building IETPs, or as fundamental as the SGML/XML files not working as they should after they have been corrected. Here experience helps, and Martyn Davison has had long experience of 'Troubleshooting' documentation of all sorts, particularly electronic documentation.

Checking incoming electronic documentation

It is often the case that companies received input information in electronic form purporting to be in accordance with the relevant specifications and the receiving company is unsure that the material is correct. Martyn Davison has had considerable experience of analysing received data and either reporting on it or, with permission, correcting the various files.

Material Conversion

Materiel which is in existence and which is required for new contracts is often best converted into the same format as the new work. Clearly the resources required for this work will depend on the quantity of materiel to be converted, however, Martyn Davison has the skills and experience required to handle reasonable quantities of this type of work.

The quantity of conversion work will depend on discussions with each client, however, where the number of items exceeds that which can be handled personally, Martyn is in touch with agencies that can cope with the excess load.


It is often the case when a client is becoming engaged in new areas of work, that staff need to have their skills enhanced. Martyn has had experience of providing standard training courses as well as bespoke courses for specific needs.

Graphics format conversion

There are occasions where graphics are provided in either the incorrect format or where there are consistent deficiencies. Martyn has experience of finding innovative answers to the graphic correction difficulties.

Productivity tools

From time to time there may be a need for a productivity tool to handle some repetitive task. Martyn has experience of creating such tools as is required. Some of his tools are used within the MoD.