CV for Martyn Davison

The CV outlined here represents only the outline of my involvement with documentation over the years. It is divided into the following areas:


Has an electronic/computing technical background. For the majority of working life has been involved in the Technical Publications industry specifying, producing and modifying highly structured documentation for a variety of projects.

In recent years has also been the instigator and producer of Technical Publications projects using databases for the storage of technical information either for later extraction for printing purposes or for on-screen delivery.

Has a broad experience of information technology together with a comprehensive grasp of small systems and a practical experience of disseminating his knowledge in a variety of ways. Have always had hands on practical approach to the work that I have been involved in.

In more recent years has been heavily involved n the practical application of SGML and the roll out of this technology into the workplace.

Has had considerable experience of demonstrating systems to prospective customers and of general technical discussions with Technical Publications and IT Systems Staff.


SGML Consultancy

Appraisal of several DTDs to ascertain the suitability for a particular task.
Undertook detailed mapping between several different DTDs to determine the complexities of migration between them
Frequently undertakes examination of SGML material to determine suitability for use in publications.
Involved in the original design work of an IETP browser currently used in some departments of the MoD. Work included testing and configuring style sheets. Also forming part of this aspect of SGML Consultancy has been the trouble shooting Data Modules to ascertain why a particular IETP does not function correctly.
Involved in several projects which required conversion of existing material into electronic form, particularly SGML. Involvement included test conversions, development of scripts to semi automate conversion in production, and checking output for conformance.

DTD Design

Responsible for one aspect of the S1000D structure design in prototype This design now forms part of the overall S1000D suite of structures
Design of modular structure for Consumer Electronics Association (USA) to enable Consumer Electronic Maintenance documentation to be delivered in electronic form via a browser. The functionality of this DTD demonstrated several times including the building of a simple IETP. A cost benefit analysis report, implementation instructions and a FrameMaker+SGML implementation for this DTD were undertaken. Continuing support included visiting Japan to familiarise the Manufacturers with the features and benifits of the structure and concepts.

Creation of Modular SGML Structure (DTD) for well-known high quality provider of information for a variety of subjects including Human Resources, Business Law etc. This DTD implemented into a specialised IETP system for CD Based delivery of information - the ultimate purpose was to provide on-line delivery. The production of the information was integrated into a work flow management system within the company.


Technical Documentation

Long practical experience of producing Technical Documentation for mainly electronic equipment to a wide variety of specifications. Work has included equipment for:
  • Synchrotron RF Acceleration equipment
  • Railway computer controlled electronic traction equipment
  • Radar systems
  • Communication systems
  • Infra red viewing equipment
  • Various items of laser equipment including medical lasers and range finding.
  • Aircraft Engine vibration monitoring test equipment
Investigation into mapping content of Module SGML files containing management data to Product Life Cycle Support (PLCS) project methodology prior to providing guidance for international specification for documentation for UK MoD.

Standards and Specifications

Original and editorial work on Def Stan 00-60 Part 10 Issue 4 and 5.
Originating, updating and rework of material on the Def Stan 00-60 Part 10 Web Site Help Pages including an online Element Dictionary. A standard Perl script was modified for the latter item.

IETP Related Work

In 1992 responsible for the bringing into the UK of the an American IETM Product based on SGML principles. Also responsible for the system, design, equipment specification and technical support production and MoD staff during two MoD IETM trails using this product.
As part of this project was responsible for the design and implementation of an On-Screen SQL Based Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) system (82k parts line items) with graphics, to work interactively with the IETM.
Responsible for the conceptual design, development and implementation of a Networked Workshop Information System (an early IETM product using touch screens and graphical front end to de-skill the maintenance tasks and speed up fault diagnosis and equipment down times) subsequently installed at an Underground System Maintenance Depots. Although not an SGML product the system relied on the text input being in a highly structured form to a very rigid style and containing tags to permit Hyperlinking between parts of a published chapter, any other published chapter or volume, and illustrations. The underlying Oracle database structure was developed to my design.

Graphics Related Work

Development of a tool to interrogate Mime encoded graphics embedded in an SGML file to determine if the correct compression had been applied and if the image was negative in format. This application rapidly corrected any errors and created a log of changes implemented.
Development of a tool to compare two graphics and display the differences to determine what changes have been made. The tool expanded to provide a cropping function.
Development of a process to determine he number of colours in a Geo-Tiff graphic file and, if a colour scheme in excess of 8 bits had been used, to decrease the number of colours to a 256 colour palette and reinsert the Geo-Tiff information.


Presentation and updating of a 3-Day Electronic Documentation Course covering S1000D, SGML and Def Stan 00-60 Part 10. Course delivered from the perspective of a practitioner and not a theorist.
Target audiences are those to be involved in the creation, management and delivery of electronic publications, mainly within the current UK MoD contractual environment.
Courses undertaken within the UK or elsewhere in response to clients requirements
Creation and presentation 2 Day SGML course which provides practical and hands on learning experience. As above the course is delivered from the perspective of a practitioner.
Design and implementation of Training Courses associated with a configurable SGML Common Source Database. Training courses were for standard users and administrators. The administrators course included the mapping of SGML based trackable data into the CSDB structure.

Interesting related work

Creation and development of productivity aids:

To extract existing Illustration data from files convert to a new format and re-imbed the data into the SGML Instances. The aid will save many hours of manual manipulation thus reducing the overall cost of legacy conversion.

To convert a conventional table type parts list structure into a very specific SGML parts list structure for a Legacy project.

Consultancy work including the analysis, designing IT solutions and costings for an MoD department involved in the production of contract-drawing sets for bid packs. The report specified and costed equipment including automatic offsite backup. The costing included the organisational charts for the staff showing savings of up to a third in numbers and the average cost per print. The department implemented parts of the result of the study using in house staff.
Commissioned to produce specialised MS Word Templates to ensure consistent entry of information so that the subsequent data is be reliably and automatically converted into AECMA 1000D SGML Structures. The object of this commission was to de-skill, and reduce the cost, of producing documentation that was ultimately going to be converted into Def Stan 00-60 material by companies who were not heavily involved in producing documentation (mainly low tech equipment).
Involved in the organisation of several biannual UK Technical Documentation Symposiums for the Society of Electronic and Radio Technicians (now part of IEEIE).

Technical Training

Attended Chase County Secondary Modern School, Malvern, Worcestershire attaining UEI grades A and B Certificates.

Vocational training

Wireless College, Colwyn Bay: 1st and 2nd Class Certificate in Marine Radio (legal requirement for Merchant Navy Radio Officers)

Bristol Marine College: BoT Radar Maintenance Certificate

Various courses to provide working knowledge have included the following:

Aspects of FrameMaker + SGML for configuration purposes
Grif Application Development
Westinghouse Pathways IETM Building