Welcome to the Martyn Davison web site at MJDavison.com.

Useful Information
Hardware and Software

This site contains a range of what I hope will be useful services, information, hardware and software supply, and personal information (including CV).


Services which can be provided in this category are Consulting and Technical Assistance of one form or another.

Useful Information

The information provided on this site is being extended gradually so that it covers a wide range of, hopefully, helpful background information. This may may be of assistance to those seeking to justify technical steps being considered to those seeking to increase their knowledge.

A section on Documentation Software will also be provided. This area will be of use to those who are tasked with obtaining software for the various documentation tasks. It is hoped that feedback will be possible so that readers can give indications of their experience with the different programmes.

Hardware and Software Supply

For those is a local area within the Leicestershire in the UK we can provide hardware and/or software for small businesses and private homes.

Personal Information

This area of the site contains my CV and details about my extra curricular activities.

Site Development

I once worked for a boss who had a philosophy which he condensed into the word WIBNI - translated as Wouldn't It Be Nice If.

Included in the WIBNIs for this site are:

If you have any WIBNIs which you think could be incorporated here, let me know via e-mail (on the Contact page).